Products based on cordyceps and lycopene have been used worldwide for more than three decades. A large number of satisfied users, including many well-known personalities, openly acknowledge using our products. Additionally, doctors often recommend our products because they are familiar with their effects and effectiveness. It’s not a secret that many doctors themselves use our supplements.

I had a severe form of COVID-19 with many lingering side effects. I experienced weakness, fatigue, frequent infections, and a worsening of my pre-existing asthma to the point where I needed to use an inhaler. I constantly faced various health issues and took antibiotics for 8 months. My son, who is a doctor, recommended trying reishi mushroom, but that seemed complicated. Then, I discovered Cordyceps 5+, which contains reishi, and started using it.

I’ve been using it for about 10 months, and I feel like a completely different person. I can’t believe how well I feel since I started taking it. My strength has returned, and I no longer experience fatigue, asthma attacks, or inflammation. I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances.

Dušanka Kitanović

I am giving Cordyceps to my husband, who underwent surgery for colorectal cancer and is now on biological therapy. As a supporter of alternative medicine, I decided to buy Cordyceps for him to try. He was lethargic and lacked energy. I have been giving it to him for about 3 months. After just a week of taking 2 capsules a day, I noticed that he eats better, sleeps better, moves more, and is constantly buzzing with activity, which was unimaginable before using Cordyceps. I am surprised by the positive results, so I also started taking 1 capsule a day, and I feel like I have gained some extra energy. We are very satisfied and plan to continue using Cordyceps.

Jadranka Mišković

Cordyceps is excellent. I feel very good since I started taking it, and I have been taking it for almost a year now. I have a lot more energy, and I rarely get colds compared to the period before taking Cordyceps.

Zoran Bjelovuk

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